Bob Stewart Photography

Really, anything not a landscape.
Bridge II.tif

Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn

Cadillac hood.jpg

Old Cadillac Hood Ornament


The Pause That Refreshes. Gruene, Texas

Erics with clouds (final).tif

Eric and Photoshop Fun

Fort Collier.jpg

Fort Collier. Winchester, Virginia

Gaylord Post Office.jpg

Gaylord Post Office. Clarke County, Virginia

Kure Pier.jpg

Kure Beach Pier. North Carolina

Grouse tables.jpeg

Grouse Mountain Tables. Vancouver, British Columbia

Linden barn.jpg

Linden, Virginia

Oak Grove (overcooked, color, cropped).tif

Oak Grove Restaurant. Clear Brook, Virginia

Oilfield pipes.jpg

Oil Field Pipes. Vidaurri, Texas

Old and New.jpg

Old and New. Berryville, Virginia

Packing House.jpg

Packing House. Berryville, Virginia

Railway building.jpg

Railway Building. Berryville, Virginia

Ranch cows.jpg

You Looking At Me? Vidaurri, Texas


USS Constituion Rigging. Boston, Massachusetts