Bob Stewart Photography

Welcome to Bob Stewart Photography

Here you will find a portfolio of some of my work. The first two pages, Landscapes and Man-made, constitute my work previous to 2015. Generally they are self descriptive, though there is some overlap between the two. I moved to Oregon in 2015 and started photography in earnest, resulting in many more photos that I wanted to share. Thus, the remainining pages are divided into the years from 2015-2020.

The photos from 2020 are still a work in progress. As I write this we're in a stay-at-home order from the governor because of the coronavirus pandemic. Before things got really hairy in 2020, I social distanced by waterfall hunting, so these photos are very waterfall heavy. As things hopefully improve, there will be more variety on that page!

Note: If your browser window isn't large enough lengthwise, you will have to scroll down to see thumbnails. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.